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Portable Stages & Portable Risers

Portable Staging Systems For Displays, Performances, Bands, Choirs, Orchestras & More

Signature Systems Group, LLC proudly presents ExpressDeck™ - our premiere line of portable staging systems for all types of venues and events. Now you can easily create a customized performance stage or raised flooring system without the time and expense of having one custom-built. ExpressDeck platforms are 4’x4’ - you choose the riser height and add guardrails, stairs and skirting in whatever configurations you design. It’s quick and easy to design your own custom stage - the only thing easier is setting it up! ExpressDeck is lightweight, simple to assemble, store, and transport. But don’t let its light weight and easy-to-use design fool you, ExpressDeck is sturdy and rugged - able to hold up to 2,300 lbs. per 4’x4’ module and will last for years.

“We are just thrilled with the elegance of design, ease of assembly and attention to detail in every regard. We couldn't be more pleased.”

Low Price Portable Staging