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portable staging system

modular stage supporst heavy weights

ExpressDeck portable staging - so easy to assemble!

Aluminum Stage & Aluminum Risers

ExpressDeck Lightweight Portable Aluminum Staging & Portable Risers

ExpressDeck™ Modular Staging

Create a professional-looking portable stage with this rugged, lightweight, and affordable modular staging system for all types of facilities, venues, and events.

ExpressDeck is a durable, practical, and affordable portable staging system that allows you to create a professional stage of nearly any size - quickly and easily. Use ExpressDeck Staging Systems for all kinds of concerts, performances, special events, graduations, meetings, speeches, rallies, banquets, weddings, dances, exhibits, displays, demonstrations and trade shows.

A Portable Stage that Supports Heavy Weights

ExpressDeck modular staging is rugged, durable, and strong enough to support heavy equipment and vehicles. Standard 4’ x 4’ decks can support weights up to 2,300 pounds, but weigh less than 60 pounds each (one 4' x 4' platform with one 24" riser). Individual decks lock securely to the risers and to each other, creating a safe, stable platform that can be easily reconfigured to suit different events.

Create a Unique Custom Stage with Our Modular Staging System

ExpressDeck is a completely modular staging system, allowing you to create a new custom layout every time you erect a stage. The 4’ x 4’ platforms can be arranged in a multitude of shapes and configurations to suit each application. Add tiers and vertical dimension by varying the heights of riser legs. Enjoy the flexibility of using one modular staging system to create a sturdy, flat stage for dance performances, a multi-level stage for exciting theatrical performaces, and choral risers for musical performances. Attach stairs to your portable staging anywhere you want them - the simple connection system allows you to place and replace them up until the last minute.

The ExpressDeck Modular Staging System is Simple to Assemble

ExpressDeck was designed for users who frequently change their location or application. Whether you travel with a performance or trade show display, or are a facility like a school or hotel with a broad range of staging needs, ExpressDeck is the system for you. It is by far the easiest modular staging system to assemble, dismantle, transport, and store.

Riser legs in your choice of height unfold from their compact storage profile and lock to the corners of the carpeted 4’ x 4’ platforms using a basic hex key (included). Use the same hex key to lock platforms to each other via hidden locking mechanisms to create a truly stable stage. Steps and tiered

Choose from Our Convenient Kits and/or Design Your Own Staging System

We made the design and ordering processes even simpler with convenient staging kits available in the most popular stage sizes. Because ExpressDeck is completely modular, you have the freedom to build your own custom system depending on your needs. As your needs change, so can your stage. Add different levels, move and add staircases and guard rails, and completely change the configuration of your platforms in a matter of minutes.