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How To Assemble Modular Stages & Portable Staging

Quick & Simple Instructions To Assemble Light Modular Stage Pieces From ExpressDeck

Your ExpressDeck Portable Staging System is quick and simple to assemble. The pieces are light enough to be handled by one person, and attaching the platform to the risers, creating a large platform with multiple decks and adding guardrails and steps can be handled with a single allen wrench (hex key). The true genius of the ExpressDeck
modular staging system lies in its simple, quick and intuitive installation.

Note: If installing guard rails on your portable stage or choral risers, you must pre-drill holes before assembling your stage decks and staircases.

Step 1: Unfold Modular Staging Riser Legs

riser legs unfold for portable stageportable stage riser unfoldmodular stage riser legs unfold

Riser legs fold and unfold easily to make ExpressDeck a truly portable modular staging system. Simply grab hold of two corner legs and pull!

Step 2: Place Portable Stage Platform On Riser Legs

modular staging platform is lightweight place platform on risers of portable modular stage

Simply place the staging platform on the risers, aligning the corner holes on the underside of the platform to the corresponding pegs on the riser legs.

Step 3: Remove the Enclosed Hex Key from the Staging Platform
hex key included for easy assembly of your portable stage

A hex key is included with each platform module, packed in foam along one of the edges.

Step 4: Lock Portable Stage Platform and Riser Together

lock platform to riser to make modular stage portable stage assembles easily with hex key

Use the included hex key to lock the platform to the riser. With a simple 90°clockwise turn, you have assembled your first ExpressDeck modular stage deck. Repeat these four steps for each of your portable staging decks.

Step 5: Align Portable Staging Decks

Align portable staging decks

Arrange your modular staging decks so they are all facing the same way, with the female locking mechanisms towards the front of the portable stage.

Step 6: Lock Stage Platforms Together (same height)

slide stage decks togetherlock stage platforms together

Slide the portable stage decks together, nesting the platforms' male and female locking mechanisms and turn the hex key 90° to lock. It's so light and easy, but your modular stage can now bear up to 185 lbs/sq ft, or 2,960 lbs per 4' x 4' deck!

Step 7: Align Portable Staging Stairs / Stage Decks of Different Heights

To create a staircase for your portable staging system, modular choral risers, or to add different levels to your portable stage, follow steps 1-6 to assemble each step, choral riser deck, or stage deck, including pre-drilling hand rail holes.

Line up riser legs of different height decks. (Shown here without portable staging or step platforms - they can be added before or after risers are locked together.)

create choral risers and stairs for your portable stage

Step 8: Use Riser Clamps to Lock Risers Of Different Heights

clamp risers together to build choral risers choral riser clamps

Use riser clamps (included in Stair Kits, sold separately for choral risers and tiered modular stages) to secure riser legs of different heights.

Step 9: Stack Riser Legs For Greater Heights

Risers are available in four heights, 8", 16", 24", and 32", but you can stack risers to acheive greater heights or add more levels to choral risers using Riser Couplers and Coupling Posts.

replace pegs with coupling posts to stack stage risers

Replace corner pegs in lower riser legs with coupling posts.

stack risers for different height posrtable stages

Place the upper riser legs on top and slide riser couplers in place to secure the connection. We do not recommend stacking more than two risers.

Step 10: Add Guard Rails to Modular Staging and Hand Rails to Stairs

Before assembling your portable stage decks, determine where your guard rails and stair hand rails will be added to your modular staging. Pre-drill holes using 7/16" or 11mm drill bit through the marked spots on the underside of the portable stage platforms.

Slide Guard Rail over modular stage platforms with pre-drilled holes and secure with included bolt and hex key.

add guard rail to stage platform secure guard rail to stage with bolt

Step 11: Lock Guard Rails Together for an Extra-Safe Portable Stage

for extra safe portable stages, bolt safety rails togetherbolt rails together

Make your portable staging system safe and secure by bolting guard rails together as shown.

Step 12: Add Skirting for a Professional-Looking Portable Stage

ExpressDeck modular stage skirting comes in 4' widths in the same heights as riser legs. Each skirt comes with 4 clips velcroed to the top edge. Simply snap the clips in place along the front edge of your portable staging platforms and hang your skirting from the velcro. Staging skirts are very easy to reposition and remove. If necessary, use a steamer to remove wrinkles.

add skirting to your portable stageportable staging with skirt

Step 13: Take the Show on the Road With Portable Staging Cases!

pack your portable stage into this convenient flight case

Each ExpressDeck modular staging flight case can hold up to six 4' x 4' portable stage platforms, six risers of any height, six staging skirts, and hardware. Simply pack up your portable staging system and roll it out to your next venue.