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Portable Staging Staircase Specifications:

Dimensions: Platforms: 4’ x 1’ x 1.25”
Risers (unfolded): 4’ x 1’ x 8”, 16”, 24”, 32”
Weight Capacity: Supports up to 740 lbs each.
Materials: Copper, ABS Plastic, Brushed Aluminum Finish (Risers) Plywood, Heavy-Duty Carpet, Aluminum (Platforms)
Features: Available in convenient kits or as individual modules

Stair Hand Rail
hand rails come in stage stair kits
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Modular Stairs & Staircase Systems

For Noise Reducing Anti Slip Carpet Steps & Safe Hand Railing

Add stairs to your portable staging system














ExpressDeck™ Portable Staging Stairs

Access your ExpressDeck portable stage with our convenient and easy-to-assemble stair kits. Attach as many staircases as you need - in any location on the perimeter of your modular staging system. Stairs are comprised of 4’ x 1’ x’ 1.25” carpeted platforms, 4’ x 1’ x 8”, 16”, and 24” collapsible risers, and 1’ x 4’ x 3” hand rails, and are assembled in the same manner as the stage modules. For your convenience, stairs can be ordered in all-inclusive kits or as individual components.

Modular Staircase Properties

ExpressDeck Stairs feature noise-reducing anti-slip carpeted steps, collapsible aluminum risers, and hand rails for added safety.

Modlar Staging Staircase Kits

Individual components are available to purchase should you need to replace or augment your portable staging system. However, we recommend ordering stair kits to ensure you receive all the modules that you require.


Portable Staging Stair Kits Include:

Stair kit for 16”-high stage: Stair kit for 24” high stage: Stair kit for 32” high stage:
1 Step Platform (4’ x 1’ x 1.25”) 2 Step Platforms (4’ x 1’ x 1.25”) 3 Step Platforms (4’ x 1’ x 1.25”)
1 8” Stair Riser (4’ x 1’ x 8” unfolded) 1 8” Stair Riser (4’ x 1’ x 8” unfolded)
1 16” Stair Riser (4’ x 1’ x 16” unfolded)
1 8” Stair Riser (4’ x 1’ x 8” unfolded)
1 16” Stair Riser (4’ x 1’ x 16”
1 24” Stair Riser (4’ x 1’ x 24”
2 Stair Hand Rails (1’ x 4’ x 3”) 4 Stair Hand Rails (1’ x 4’ x 3”) 6 Stair Hand Rails (1’ x 4’ x 3”)
2 Riser Clamps 4 Riser Clamps 6 Riser Clamps


Simple Staging Staircase Assembly - click to view full instructions

Risers lock to platforms via screws located at each corner riser leg that correspond to holes containing a hidden locking mechanism at each corner of the platform. Simply align the screws and holes, insert the included hex key into the top of the hole and turn clockwise.

Risers lock to each other with easy-to-use riser clamps. Loosen the bolts and tighten around one leg of a riser and one leg of another riser.

After determining the placement of your hand rails, drill through the platforms with a 7/16” or 11mm drill bit at the pre-marked guide holes. Align rail feet with holes and secure with the included bolts.