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Dimensions: 4´ x 4´ x 3´´

Features: Chair-stop rail

Guard Rail for Stage
guard rail for modular stage
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Hand Rail for Stairs

hand rail for portable staging stairs
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Guard Rails & Hand Rails For Portable Stages

Safety Railing For Portable Staging And Choral Risers


add guard rails to make your portable stage extra safe












ExpressDeck™ Portable Staging Guard Rails and Hand Rails

Make safety a priority with ExpressDeck portable staging guard rails and hand rails. Guard rails attach easily to 4’ x 4’ stage platforms and hand rails attach to 4’ x 1’ step modules, locking to platforms and each other for extra security.

Modular Staging Safety Rail Properties

ExpressDeck guard rails feature a chair-stop rail, making your portable staging or choral risers a wise choice for graduations, awards ceremonies, and orchestral performances.

Safety Rails are Easily Added to Your Modular Staging & Staircases

After determining the placement of your safety rails on your portable stage and staircases, drill through the platforms with a 7/16” or 11mm drill bit at the pre-marked guide holes. Align rail feet with holes and secure with the included bolts. Lock guard rails to each other using rail-to-rail connector hardware and corner connector hardware at corners.

attach guard rails easily to modular stage
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stage rails connect for extra security
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